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Tuesday Cheese Curds: Matt LaFleur is ready for another run

Entering his fourth year, Matt LaFleur prepares for new challenges in Green Bay.

Green Bay Packers v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images

Matt LaFleur has been about as successful as an NFL coach can be during his time in Green Bay. His teams have also come up short in new and interesting ways during each of his three playoff runs.

While acknowledging that some of those shortcomings are on him (late-game decision-making against Tampa Bay will always be a black mark on his resume), there are a lot of factors from the Packers’ playoff exits that were out of LaFleur’s control.

How he deals with that reality is a fascinating and ongoing question; he and the Packers have missed a series of great opportunities, and there’s no direct recreation of those opportunities, either. To wit: LaFleur can no longer build an offense around the dynamic pairing of Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams now that the latter is off to Las Vegas. They’ve missed whatever window was there, and now LaFleur’s challenge is to help the Packers continue to contend, regardless.

We’ve got good evidence that he’ll be able to do it, but the how (and the who, I suppose, as it pertains to the receiving corps) remains to be seen. Every season is different, and Matt LaFleur’s eternal task begins again this weekend.

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