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Friday Cheese Curds: The 2022 Packers will be judged in January

Winning the regular season is nice. Winning in January and February is a lot nicer.

Green Bay Packers v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images

Super Bowl or bust” is often a cliche thrown around NFL circles at the onset of a new season.

For the Green Bay Packers however, that is simply a statement of fact.

After having a roster capable of winning it all the past two seasons and falling short both times, the expectation is that the third time will be the charm even with the loss of Davante Adams. Winning the division for the fourth year in a row won’t come close to satisfying anyone in the organization or the team’s passionate fan base.

Only a Super Bowl will fill their souls.

Aaron Rodgers is back. The defense is stacked at almost every level. They’re ready to make another run.

Yet for all the success they could/should experience in the regular season, this team will be remembered for how they fare in January. After so many heartbreaks, the Packers have to break through this year. With Rodgers returning basically on a year-to-year basis, the window could close at any time.

The Packers have to seize the opportunity.

Welcome to the 2022 Green Bay Packers season.

After winning the regular season and losing the playoffs the past two years, it’s Super Bowl or bust for the Packers— (subscription)

Fans are undoubtedly ready to be hurt again but with a team built differently than in the past, perhaps this is the year the Packers finally reach the second Super Bowl in the Rodgers era.

Packers’ defense embraces lofty expectations for 2022–

If Green Bay reaches the promised land, the defense will be a big reason why. After looking so good on paper, the group dominated training camp. Now it’s time to turn the paper hype into the real thing.

Stenavich: Bakhtiari Will Return to Elite Level—Packer Central

David Bakhtiari’s status has been a major cause of anxiety for both the team and their fans but offensive coordinator Adam Stenavich is convinced Bakhtiari will still be among the league’s elite when he returns to the field. Hopefully that’s on Sunday against Minnesota.

Lazard’s injury creates more uncertainty for Packers at WR—Yahoo! Sports

If Allen Lazard misses Sunday’s game, that’s going to force rookies Romeo Doubs and Christian Watson into a more prominent role than perhaps they’re ready for. Doubs was the star of camp but it will be his first career regular season game. Watson spend a good chunk of the preseason injured and is a real wild card when looking at early season contributions.

Bear caught on camera opening SUV door, climbing inside—UPI

The Packers had better watch their backs. The Bears appear to be getting smarter.