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Wednesday Cheese Curds: No escaping the Aaron Rodgers news cycle

Aaron Rodgers is just about the only thing we can talk about

Detroit Lions v Green Bay Packers Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

News (and non-news) about Aaron Rodgers amounts to more or less the perfect storm. There’s nothing going on for the Packers right now, and in the early part of the week there’s much less football to talk about than usual due to the playoffs being where they are. There are only four active teams! There’s only so much you can dissect as far as the actual on-field stuff.

Then you’ve got the fact that everything about Rodgers is about as open-ended as it could possibly be. He still hasn’t made up his mind, but he says he could envision playing next year. As long as it’s the right circumstance. Or unless he decides to retire. But maybe he won’t. It’s hard to say.

Then you’ve got the take artists and access merchants using phrases like “it’s a very real possibility that Aaron Rodgers gets traded next year,” as though there aren’t any number of things that fall into that category. It’s a very real possibility that Aaron Rodgers retires next year. It’s a very real possibility that Aaron Rodgers plays for the Packers in 2023. It’s a very real possibility that Aaron Rodgers moves to Nepal and becomes a monk. Pretty much everything is a very real possibility!

So here we sit. We can’t not talk about Rodgers. It’s the biggest story going for the Packers, much as it has been for the past however many years. But there’s so little to actually talk about that every conversation ends up going in circles — or nowhere at all.

Groundwork is laid for amicable divorce between Aaron Rodgers, Packers | Packers Wire

Based on remarks from Rodgers and a few of the NFL insiders who have spoken on his situation, this does seem to be a fair reading of the situation, albeit one that could very easily go the other way.

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Pete Dougherty polls NFL execs to see what the Packers could stand to get in a Rodgers trade.

Colts Linked as Surprise Trade Candidate for Packers QB by Exec | Bleacher Report

The Colts are something of a dark horse candidate for Rodgers (I do not ask your pardon for that pun), but their situation is affected by the money they have tied up in Matt Ryan for 2023.

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An interesting conversation here: does Devin Hester make the Pro Football Hall of Fame this year?

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This was the dream for my 9-year-old self and my current [age redacted] self.