Back to my draft post. We now have pick #15.

USA today has GB taking ND TE Mayors at #15. There are around 5 OL projected after #15 and 2 or 3 RBs. I say if we can't resign Tonyan and Davis and let Lewis walk, it's a solid pick. GB is 9.5 million over the '23 cap Two sneaky options GB could do is if A Rodg returns, 1) trade Jones for a RB and picks (contract dump of 20 million) then trade down and take a top RB. or #2) trade down about 5 spots and grab another top OL. There's a couple interesting WRs after #15, but I think Dubs and Watson prooved themselves and we can wait for Day 2 for a wr. BTW, GB has bad luck with 3rd rd picks so trade up in the 2nd to maybe find a TE ,WR, or a jarren reed replacement if he walks.

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