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Tuesday Cheese Curds: Packers showing who they are in difficult 2023

So far, the Packers just aren’t a very good team.

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Las Vegas Raiders Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

The Packers aren’t very good.

They have excuses — some good, some less so — but it’s hard to make the case that they’re some secretly good team that’s just been undone by a few missing pieces or untimely injuries.

Their collapses through five weeks have been as varied as they’ve been frequent. They’ve been undone by their offense, their defense, and even their special teams at times. They look like what they are: a 2-3 team that’s probably one Derek Carr injury away from a one-win season.

The Packers have some soul searching to do at every level, because their performance through five weeks isn’t explained away by youth or inexperience. They’ve been bad on a personnel level, badly coached, and getting bad performances from key players. That’s a tough hole to dig out of, and at a certain point it just becomes the reality of who the Packers are.

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Tom Silverstein lays it all out: throw out whatever excuse you want, the Packers are a bad team playing badly right now.

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These comparisons are inevitable, so we might as well talk about them.

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Aaron Rodgers signed a contract extension on October 31 of his first season as starter. Would you do the same for Love based on what you’ve seen this season?

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Adams wasn’t a huge part of the Raiders’ win, but he was still a winner.

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Packers fans were also left wanting more after Watson’s nine-target, three-catch game.

US Customs officials seize giraffe feces from woman at Minnesota airport | Associated Press

It’s really all there in the headline.