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Packers Reacts Week 6: What are you crediting the most for these losses?

Would you consider drafting a QB to replace Jordan Love in 2024?

Green Bay Packers v Las Vegas Raiders Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

Welcome to SB Nation Reacts, a survey of fans across the NFL. Throughout the year we ask questions of the most plugged-in Green Bay Packers fans and fans across the country. Sign up here to participate in the weekly emailed surveys.

Before we get into this week’s set of polls, which generally focus on quarterback Jordan Love, I want to get my opinion on the situation out on Front Street: I think Love is not only going to be the Green Bay Packers’ starting quarterback this season but also next year. After giving Love a pseudo extension as a replacement for a fifth-year option, the team is clearly going to ride out this situation with the passer who they chose to roll with post-Aaron Rodgers. They’ve simply spent too many resources, including practice reps, on Love over the years to cut bait after one season.

Question 1: Would you consider drafting a QB to replace Jordan Love in 2024?

Personally, the only way I believe that the only way that the Packers draft a quarterback in the first round is if they are able to land one of the top two picks in the upcoming draft. The only sure-fire first-round picks are USC’s Caleb Williams and North Carolina’s Drake Maye, who are both thought of as better prospects than 2023 first-overall pick Bryce Young — who the Carolina Panthers ended up paying roughly the value of three top-10 first-round picks and two second-round picks for in their trade up for the Alabama passer.

Even though the Packers’ start to the season has been disappointing, the team is still already 2-3, which is going to make landing one of those top two picks difficult. At the moment, Green Bay is picking eighth overall. If that holds, the Packers will probably need to trade the majority of their next two (or three) drafts to move up from that position for a Williams or Maye. It doesn’t help that the Bears and Vikings own three of the picks ahead of them, if the season ended today. Do you think Chicago or Minnesota want to give Green Bay a chance at drafting another game-changing quarterback?

Question 2: Should the Packers “tank” for better draft position?

At this point in the season, the only way for the Packers to “tank” — a suggestion I’ve seen people make after watching this team play five games this season — is by becoming sellers in the trade market. When the trade deadline comes around, should Green Bay have a fire sale or stick with the squad that they’ve built in an effort to try to win ball games with this young corps?

Question 3: What are you crediting the most for the Packers’ losses?

The options here are youth, coaching or talent. My cop out here is that I think it’s a mix of these three factors. I really want to hear what you all think is the root cause of the Packers’ problems, though. If you want to expand your thoughts down in the comment section, that’s more than welcome.