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Wednesday Cheese Curds: Packers have plenty of blame to go around on offense

Whoever you want to blame on the Packers’ offense, you probably have a case.

NFL: Detroit Lions at Green Bay Packers Dan Powers-USA TODAY Sports

There’s really no debate about the quality of the Packers’ offense so far this season. It’s not good. Outside of their season-opening thrashing of the Chicago Bears, a team that seems to receive some degree of thrashing nearly every week, the Packers haven’t put together anything close to a complete game on offense. There have been spurts, but watching the Packers on offense is to see an identity-less, unimaginative slog.

The only question is who’s to blame, and depending on your priors, biases, or read on the data, you can just about take your pick.

Inclined to think Aaron Rodgers propped up Matt LaFleur for years? Well, give the head coach a good kicking. Think Jordan Love was a wasted pick? Fire away, you’ve got plenty of ammunition so far. Wish they’d drafted any kind of pass catcher worth a cheese curd prior to 2022? The young pass catchers seemingly prove your point week in and week out.

As is always the case, the reality is that it’s probably some combination of these things, which is as boring of a take as it is both truthful and unsurprising. A better one might be to say that these first five weeks are a warning: if the offense isn’t fixed, if Matt LaFleur can’t figure out some way to implement the pieces he has, if Jordan Love can’t look like a guy who got to develop for three years before taking over, if the youngsters can’t show signs of improvement, then everybody is going down together.

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