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Pack-A-Day Collab: The biggest takeaways from Packers-Raiders

No, it didn’t matter that Preston Smith lined up on Davante Adams.

Green Bay Packers v Las Vegas Raiders Photo by Ian Maule/Getty Images

Acme Packing Company’s Justis Mosqueda and Pack-A-Day Podcast’s Andy Herman joined forces again this week to bring you another addition of this co-branded podcast. The audio journey begins with the duo’s biggest takeaways from the Green Bay Packers’ most recent game to the Las Vegas Raiders, which they lost 17-13 on Monday Night Football.

Truth be told, there’s little positive to take away from the game. With that being said, the defense did play better than they did against the Detroit Lions just 10 days prior. The one play that will be seared into the eyes of Packers fans for years to come, though, is going to be outside linebacker Preston Smith lined up on former Green Bay receiver Davante Adams in the slot. Mosqueda explains, as he did in text earlier this week, why it didn’t matter who lined up in Smith’s role for that play. Adams was going to be open due to the play-call and the width of the Raiders’ offensive formation, as long as quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo could process what was happening.

Mosqueda and Herman also went into the weird clock management situations that both the Packers and Raiders seemed to fumble. It didn’t matter, because quarterback Jordan Love threw an interception, but Green Bay could have had an extra 40 seconds on the clock (with a two-minute warning in their pocket) had they chosen to use one of their timeouts in a more efficient way.

The end of the podcast focuses on the weekly tracking of head coach coach Matt LaFleur and quarterback Jordan Love, as the Packers push forward through the post-Aaron Rodgers era. Good or bad, don’t expect anyone but Love to be under center for Green Bay until 2025.


  • 0:00: Biggest takeaways from the Raiders game
  • 10:00: The Preston Smith play did not matter
  • 22:45: The odd time management situation the Packers had
  • 28:30: Where are we at on Matt LaFleur and Jordan Love?

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