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The Broncos’ call sheet leaks ahead of their game with the Packers

Shoutout to Amazon’s broadcast of Thursday Night Football and the clarity of their streams.

The Green Bay Packers might have just caught a break, via Amazon’s broadcast of Thursday Night Football. Late in the third quarter of the Denver Broncos vs. Kansas City Chiefs matchup, which featured the Packers’ next opponent — the Broncos, Amazon’s crystal-clear broadcast was able to catch the back of Denver head coach Sean Payton’s offensive call sheet.

Here’s the information that was captured with just a single screenshot.

  • All of the Broncos’ no-huddle two-minute drill calls, which were split by a 2x2 formation (gun doubles right) and a 3x1 formation (gun trips right) in the top left corner of the callsheet. The code words, including the live word (“converse”) for the team’s quarterback sneak was also detailed on the sheet. Maybe most telling was the fact that most of these pass calls had the same protection called “22P,” which could give Denver some issues moving forward.
  • Almost all of the Broncos’ huddled two-minute calls are shown just below the no-huddle calls on the left side.
  • On the top right of the sheet, the Broncos’ “fringe” red zone (just behind the 20-yard line) calls were also thrown out there. Nearly all of the high red zone (20 to 14 yards) offense was also featured in the screenshot.

Sure, Denver is going to change some of that up in the week off between their most recent game and when they play the Green Bay Packers, but a lot of it is going to remain on the call sheet next week. If you think the 1-5 Broncos have the time to develop an entirely new two-minute offense, with all the other problems they’re currently trying to solve, I believe you’re thinking unrealistically about the position that Denver is in right now.

Some Broncos fans, disappointed in how the first season of the Payton and Russell Wilson marriage is unfolding, are finding humor in the situation, though. Former Denver offensive lineman turned media member Mark Schlereth said on Twitter/X that the team needs to change their tags next week, “Not because people see them, but because they don’t work!”

Last night, Wilson threw for two interceptions and had just 82 next passing yards on the night to go along with a 46.6 passer rating and a 10.1 QBR against the Chiefs. His season-long passer rating has again dropped below 100, as it did in his first year with the Broncos, after four straight seasons of a 100-plus rating with the Seattle Seahawks.