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Uhm, Packsually - Pilot Episode!

Check out the fun new gameshow that sweeping Wisconsin

Welcome to Uhm, Packsually, where some of the smartest Packer minds on earth pedantically correct host Paul Noonan’s incorrect statements on the Green and Gold, while trying to rack up points and win big prizes. You can listen in audio form on the APC podcast network, or watch the game on our YouTube page, here.

On the very first episode of Uhm, Packsually, Paul Bretl of Packers Wire, Andy Herman of the Pack-a-Day Podcast, and Justis Mosqueda of Acme Packing Company face off in a battle of wits. Host Paul Noonan reads a series of statements containing one incorrect fact among them, and the guys try to be the first to identify, and correct the flaw. Clues span the entire history of the franchise, several types of media, fair catch kicks, nicknames, guys who allegedly played in the Super Bowl, homes away from home, and of course, we finish with the Super Question as these three titans of Packer media take it down to the wire.

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