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Wednesday Cheese Curds: Packers seeking answers on offense

Figuring out what works on the Packers’ offense is paramount.

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NFL: Green Bay Packers at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Packers have problems on offense. By this point in the season, that’s a pretty uninteresting and unhelpful take. How they fix them is much more relevant, much more important…and much more challenging.

Finding fault is easy. Assigning blame is a bit more challenging, but only if you care about doing it with any kind of accuracy, and even if you fire off the blame gun wildly, you’ll probably hit someone at least partially responsible for what ails the offense. Finding solutions takes work, and it may never actually happen. Coaches get fired and players get cut long before solutions are ever found in most cases.

Obviously, the Packers have to continue to try. It behooves them for this season and beyond to find a version of this offense that works, if only so they can get an accurate read on who Jordan Love is. If they can’t fit Love into a system that works, that may be an answer of its own. The only solution is to continue to try.

Packers capitalizing on Dontayvion Wicks’ unique playmaking skills |

It’s probably a bit of a stretch to say they’re really capitalizing on what Wicks can bring to the offense given how little he’s actually been used, but the sentiment is worthwhile.

Opening script not providing answers for Packers offense | Packers Wire

If the Packers are looking to make meaningful changes on offense, figuring out how to start games faster would be a great first step.

Jordan Love’s Interception on ‘Perfect Play’ Just ‘Part of Our Journey’ | Fan Central

In addition to concerns over who did what on the Packers’ side, it’s easy to overlook the fact that sometimes a defender just makes a good play. That’s at least part of what happened to Love and the Packers on the game-ending interception.

Why the Packers seem likely to stay quiet at this year’s NFL trade deadline | The Athletic ($)

Unless they’re selling, we’re not likely to see much movement from the Packers at the trade deadline.

Wisconsin brothers cook up world’s largest grilled cheese sandwich | UPI

Hard to beat a good grilled cheese sandwich on a cool fall day.