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UnPack Pod: Love’s ceiling remaining murky is worst case scenario for Packers

What happens if the Packers still aren’t sure about Jordan Love at the end of this season?

No doubt about it: It’s been a stinky couple weeks of stinky Green Bay Packers football. So, the first order of business on this week’s UnPack pod is to put a stinky little ribbon on it all and try to move forward.

In the front half of the show, we get specific and chat about a few players who aren’t meeting our expectations.

First, there’s tight end Luke Musgrave. It may be a lot to expect great things from a rookie tight end, but he’s a freaky good athlete for the position and expectations were high to start the season. Where are the seam routes? Where are the downfield passes? Why does it seem like he’s been relegated to 2-yard catches in the flat? Perhaps more importantly, is it a Luke Musgrave problem or a Matt LaFleur problem? Has the player been slow to pick things up, or is the coaching staff asking him to do the wrong things?

Secondly, we stick with the “disappointing pass-catchers” theme and talk about Romeo Doubs. A lot had been made of his connection with first-year starting quarterback Jordan Love, and although they have linked up for 4 touchdowns, Doubs’ catch percentage has dropped to below 55% on the season (down from 62.7% last year). Second-year growing pains are a thing for receivers (Packers fan need only to recall Davante Adams’ first few years on in Green Bay), but at what point do we start to worry about Doubs’ ceiling in the NFL?

Speaking of NFL ceilings, we also talk about the elephant in the room on today’s show: Jordan Love. Emotional kneejerk reactions have been plentiful during the games with what appears to be bad throws and missed opportunities all over the place. But after a good night’s sleep and some film analysis, the picture is much murkier. The truth is, nobody on the entire offense is playing particularly well, and in fact many players are flat out doing on the wrong thing. That’s been happening consistently enough that it makes evaluating Jordan Love pretty impossible — but evaluate the Packers must. In fact, it would be among the worst case scenarios to get to the end of this season and not actually have any certainly on Jordan Love’s viability as a franchise quarterback. Fun!

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