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What would be in your Packers manifesto?

Put yourself in the shoes of a Green Bay Connor Stalions

Ohio State University vs University of Michigan Set Number: X164248 TK1

According to a report from Sports Illustrated’s Richard Johnson, Connor Stalions — who allegedly visited Big Ten games with the intent to record signals for Michigan’s football team — wrote a 550- to 600-page Google doc that he called “the Michigan Manifesto.” This Manifesto detailed his vision of how he believed the team should be organized.

I’m not asking you to write 600 pages, but I am wondering what you would include in your “manifesto,” if you were to detail your plans on how you’d run the Green Bay Packers.

Here’s a couple of things that come to mind for me:

  • You’re not allowed to borrow cap space from the future. Between the Covid year and the “all-in seasons” that pushed cap hits forward, this Packers team is tied up until the 2025 season — from a cap perspective. Green Bay has what amounts to a $40 million offense. I never want to see that happen again.
  • If a coach hasn’t developed a clear starting caliber player in over five seasons, you have to turn him loose. I’m looking at you, defensive line coach (and run game coordinator) Jerry Montgomery.
  • Think twice before paying that cheap breakout player like a long-term starter. Green Bay got pretty good seasons out of De’Vondre Campbell, Rasul Douglas and Keisean Nixon as “free” pickups, but immediately had to pay them to keep them around. I’m not sure if those have really panned out in their favor.
  • You can’t bank on draft and development swings moving forward. In the past, the Packers used to be able to re-sign an Aaron Rodgers or a Jordy Nelson for cheap, due to their lack of experience. Now, there’s so much information available that everyone knows their worth. Green Bay took Rashan Gary with the 12th overall pick with the hopes that they’d be able to develop him, which they have, but now he’s looking to be one of the highest-paid players in the sport after averaging six starts per season on his rookie deal. Was that worth it? You can argue that he would have had fewer starts, too, if Za’Darius Smith didn’t have a back injury in 2021. In today’s NFL, you need to get more playing time out of these young players — which might mean sacrificing athleticism for the ability to contribute early.

What would you add to your “manifesto?” Let us know down in the comments.