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Intercepted: Breaking Down Packers vs. Vikings with Arif Hasan

How will Jordan Love face against Minnesota’s blitzes?

Minnesota Vikings v Green Bay Packers Photo by Kayla Wolf/Getty Images

In this week’s edition of Intercepted, Acme Packing Company’s Justis Mosqueda sat down with Norse Code’s Arif Hasan, who prodded Mosqueda with questions about the Green Bay Packers’ failures in the passing game. The podcast starts off with a simple question that many Packers fans are asking right now: Who is to blame?

After hitting that note, Mosqueda and Hasan explain why it’s less about Minnesota’s defensive players having a good game in this matchup and more about whether Packers quarterback Jordan Love can execute against a blitz-heavy defense. Mosqueda wrote about this earlier in the week for APC.

Defense is a question mark on both sides, from a personnel standpoint, but Hasan gave us the one player to worry about on the Vikings’ defense besides Danielle Hunter. Note: Since recording this podcast on Thursday, the Packers had another day of practice and released their final injury report of the week. If you want to check that out, CLICK HERE.

For the Packers’ defense, the key to the game is going to be generating pressure, as quarterback Kirk Cousins performs much better from a clean pocket than when he’s asked to make plays out of structure. The bad news for Green Bay? Most of their pressure comes from Rashan Gary, who is going to go against one of the best bookend pairings in the league through two months of the NFL season.


  • 4:00: Who is at fault for the Packers’ flaws?
  • 6:30: Jordan Love vs. the blitz
  • 15:30: Who is at fault for the Packers’ flaws? (pt. 2)
  • 26:00: Are we worried about Danielle Hunter?
  • 36:00: The Vikings’ most underrated defender
  • 40:00: Green Bay’s defensive injuries
  • 45:30: Pressure is the key to the Packers defense this week
  • 50:30: The Vikings’ offensive line
  • 1:03:00: Prediction time

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