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Cheese Curds, 10/5: Rashan Gary’s payday is coming; hopefully Jordan Love’s accuracy is, too

While the number for Gary’s expected contract keeps rising, the Packers will hope for continued improvement from Love.

Detroit Lions v Green Bay Packers Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

With every week that goes by, Rashan Gary is increasing the price it will require for the Green Bay Packers to sign him to an extension. The fifth-year edge rusher was quiet in the box score through two games of 2023, only officially registering a half-sack, but he broke out with a three-sack game against the Saints and followed that up with another solid performance (albeit sackless) last Thursday night.

In fact, Gary’s pass-rushing production is the best in the NFL, at least on a per-snap level, and as he stretches out his snap count over the course of the year, that should yield more and more big plays that will keep the cost of a new contract rising. The Packers probably need to do something sooner rather than later to ensure that he sticks around well beyond this season without having to truly break the bank.

As that payday is coming, the Packers are also hoping to see some improved accuracy from quarterback Jordan Love. The young first-time starter still looks poised and calm under pressure, as he faced his first truly difficult game of 2023 from a pass protection standpoint on Thursday night. But some of the accuracy issues that have been on display — he remains a bottom-five QB in terms of CPOE — will need to improve moving forward.

That will likely come with time. Two of the three quarterbacks below Love in that stat are also in their first full seasons as NFL starters (Anthony Richardson and Desmond Ridder), while the third, Joe Burrow, has been dealing with injuries. And Love is still creating value, ranking 10th in EPA per play. He could just be doing so more consistently, and that should be the focus in the coming weeks.

Here’s a look at Gary and Love, as well as a Wisconsin native who just made his Packers debut.

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Gary's pressure rate of 33% leads the NFL, as he truly is making the most of his somewhat limited snaps. However, he's the only Packer at his position who is really making an impact on the quarterback, and the team needs other players to step up.

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QB coach Tom Clements is pleased to see that Love's poise under pressure in game action matches how he is on the practice field and off the field -- even if his accuracy could use some improvement.

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While Love's accuracy is rightfully being questioned a bit, some of it is due to having the deepest average depth of target in the NFL.

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If you didn't know anything about Welch before he was signed off the practice squad last week, you're not alone. The former Iowa Hawkeye linebacker is actually a Wisconsin native, growing up just 60 miles from Lambeau Field in Iola.

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