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Week 5 Pack-A-Day Podcast Collab: Let’s fix the Packers’ run defense

Where do we even start?

Pack-A-Day Podcast’s Andy Herman and Acme Packing Company’s Justis Mosqueda cover the Green Bay Packers’ loss to the Detroit Lions and preview the upcoming Monday Night Football showdown against the Las Vegas Raiders in this week’s joint episode.

Defensively, there are so many questions. Are the players being used in the wrong spots? What can the team do moving forward? Is this a scheme issue or are the players just not taking to coaching? Do the players simply need a different voice in the room? What are you looking for out of the next Packers defensive coordinator?

Offensively, we implore fans to just wipe their memory of the team’s effort on Thursday. No offensive line in the NFL is built to withstand four injuries. When your left side of the line can’t play and your right side of the line is playing through injuries, getting your butt kicked up front should have been expected.

The good news is that the Raiders don’t seem to have much of a pass rush outside of Maxx Crosby and their offensive line has been pretty poor at blocking up the run up to this point in the season. If you wanted to draw up a bounce-back game for the team, it looks like Las Vegas after extended rest.


  • 1:15: Let’s fix the run defense
  • 15:30: Burn the tape on offense
  • 20:00; What changes would you make on this team?
  • 24:45: What do you want in a defensive coordinator?

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