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San Francisco 49ers v Las Vegas Raiders Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

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Davante Adams is the Boogeyman

Will the Packers’ old friend end up haunting them on Monday Night Football?

Where were you when the Green Bay Packers traded WR Davante Adams to the Las Vegas Raiders? I was in the middle of a driveway, wearing green disco ball beads, experiencing the worst St. Patrick’s Day of my life. Over the last five years, Adams comfortably leads the entire league in receiving yards, with 6,938. He plays some of the most beautiful football I’ve ever seen and is a surefire hall-of-famer when he decides to call it quits. Trading that talent away, because he didn’t want to be in Green Bay anymore, was painful. The only thing more painful is the thought of having to watch the Packers’ secondary attempt to cover him during Monday’s game.

Through four games this season, Adams has amassed 397 receiving yards and three touchdowns, with known gunslinger Jimmy Garoppolo and some guy named Aidan O’Connell at QB. You could put me under center and Adams would make me look like Jay Cutler at the very least. He can truly get the job done with just about anyone throwing to him. Unfortunately, he’s been dealing with a nasty shoulder injury sustained during the Raiders’ most recent game against the Los Angeles Chargers, when he landed hard during a tackle. He ended up finishing the game, but he’s been listed as DNP on the team’s injury report this week. It certainly sounds like he thinks he can play. With an extra day of rest, he could end up suiting up against his old team, and possibly (hopefully) matching up against DB Jaire Alexander, giving us the matchup we’ve been eyeing since the schedule was released.

Alexander has been bitten by the injury bug himself, missing the last two games with a back issue. He’s been a limited participant in practice this week, so it seems like he’s trending towards playing. Adams spoke glowingly about Alexander this week, saying “I didn’t create that monster, but he definitely turned into one.” Alexander returned the favor when speaking about the potential matchup, saying “I can’t miss this matchup. With the best.”

Alexander has had a slow start to the season, allowing 6 receptions on 8 targets for 103 yards, and a nearly-perfect passer rating. With his back injury keeping him out the past two games, a matchup with Davante Adams seems a little frightening, to say the least. Alexander will need to turn on the jets, and quickly, or Adams may end up giving us a game to remember (derogatory). Then again, who’s to say #23 will even be covering Adams? With Joe Barry at the helm, it might be Preston Smith.

Regardless of the outcome of Monday night’s game, or if he’s even able to play, it seems like a warm reunion is in store for Adams and the team that drafted him back in 2014. While things seemed to go sour during contract negotiations in 2022, it’s become clear that Adams really just wanted to go home, and there’s no longer any bad blood between the two parties. With 90 career touchdowns, Adams seems set to become a member of the prestigious 100 TD-club this season, and will be joining eight hall-of-famers, plus future locks Larry Fitzgerald and Antonio Gates. With the defensive struggles plaguing the Packers this season, let’s hope he doesn’t become a member of that club on Monday (the Dolphins scored 70, why can’t Davante).

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