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Brian Gutekunst’s comments on Jordan Love are being overblown

ESPN’s Adam Schefter even jumped the gun, leading to a deleted tweet on Wednesday.

Minnesota Vikings v Green Bay Packers Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

On Wednesday, Green Bay Packers general manager Brian Gutekunst had his yearly mid-season meeting with the local press. Obviously, one of the key topics of the conversation was quarterback Jordan Love, who the team is hoping can be their franchise passer moving forward.

After the presser, ESPN’s Adam Schefter tweeted the following, linking to Packers beat reporter Rob Demovsky’s article: Packers’ GM Brian Gutekunst unsure if Jordan Love is the long-term future of the franchise, via @RobDemovsky.

Here’s the problem: Gutekunst said almost nothing that would hint that those are his feelings about Love, and Demovsky’s headline was even Packers GM: Need more time to evaluate QB Jordan Love. Schefter has since deleted the Tweet.

Here are the first two questions that Gutekunst answered about Love on Wednesday, which made up the bulk of Demovsky’s story:

Reporter: What have you thought of how Jordan’s played these first seven games?

Gutekunst: A little bit up and down like our entire offense, right? You know, I think that it’s been a work in progress for the entire offense. There’s been glimpses, particularly in the second halves, of really good football, but we have not started very well. I think that group, that unit as a whole, has a lot of work to do. But at the same time, I think they’re kinda committed to the process, believe in that group of guys and expect better results coming.

Reporter: Is it going to take more than just this season to find out what you have in Jordan and if he is the guy going forward?

Gutekunst: I hope not. I think we got 10 games left. It’s going to be a very important 10 games. I think he’s done a lot of really good things. I really like how he’s responded to the adversity, how he’s led the team. Again, we have to be better as a unit, and I expect that to happen over the next ten games. I think we’re going through some things that we knew we would go through. We haven’t had the results we want, but I do like the way guys are responding to things.

This is an absolutely nothingburger of a story. A general manager said he doesn’t know why he doesn’t have the time to evaluate his quarterback when the team still has 10 games left on the schedule. That’s about the most rational take that anyone can have about the situation, yet it was still blown out of proportion.