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5 Questions with the Enemy: Packers, Steelers share offensive offenses

Kenny Pickett and Jordan Love lead two of the more inept units in the NFL. Which defense will come out on top Sunday?

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The Green Bay Packers got back on the winning track against the Los Angeles Rams last week, but you’ll forgive Packers fans if beating a team with a backup quarterback that was later released doesn’t inspire much confidence.

The Packers face a much taller task this week against the Pittsburgh Steelers. This arguably will be the toughest defense Jordan Love has faced so far and should be an excellent measuring stick for his development.

APC sat down with Jarrett Bailey from our sister site Behind the Steel Curtain in this week’s 5 questions with the enemy.

1. Kenny Pickett seems to share some similarities with Jordan Love, taking over for a Super Bowl winner. What’s your take on Pickett so far?

He’s not a franchise guy. He constantly misses open receivers, he doesn’t have a big arm, and he doesn’t see the field well. He also just never throws touchdowns. C.J. Stroud has more touchdown passes in eight career games than Pickett does in 21 games. I don’t care about the fourth-quarter comebacks. Tim Tebow led the NFL in fourth-quarter comebacks and he was still bad. So in short, he’s not good and the Steelers should look for a new guy in the offseason.

2. The Steelers have made a name on defense getting after the quarterback. Why have they been so successful?

Well, having T.J. Watt certainly helps. He has 9.5 sacks this season, and Alex Highsmith has been getting a ton of pressure. Plus guys like Larry Ogunjobi and Keeanu Benton stepped up while Cam Heyward was on the shelf. Their depth in the trenches has really been on display.

3. Matt Canada has been under fire all season. Are there any signs the offense can turn it around?

Not to the degree where the offense can be a real NFL offense if that makes sense. They haven’t totaled 400 yards in 57 games now, which is the second longest streak in history. This isn’t an NFL offense.

4. The DraftKings Sportsbook has the Steelers as three-point favorites despite being two games better than the Packers. Why do you think that is?

Because the offenses are both so poor. This will be a low-scoring game, which usually entails a close game. Both offenses are in the bottom half of the league in EPA/play, and every Steelers game is the exact same- awful offense, strong defense, and one drive in the fourth quarter that results in a touchdown.

5. How do you see the game playing out? Predictions?

I can pretty confidently predict how the game will go. Both teams will have awful first halves offensively. It’ll be something like 6-6 at halftime. The Steelers will get an interception or fumble recovery that leads to a touchdown on a short field, the Packers will score a touchdown of their own, and the Steelers will win on a field goal to end the game 16-13.