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Christian Watson’s dad has choice words for Packers fans

‘AND you somehow think you “deserve” better than what this team is?!?’

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Pittsburgh Steelers Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports

Green Bay Packers wide receiver Christian Watson has had a tough month of football. Over the last four games, the Packers’ “number one” receiver has been unable to record more than 37 yards in a single game, a mark he’s only hit once this season. He’s also only been able to haul in 14 receptions on 33 targets in 2023 while, according to ESPN’s Rob Demovsky, Watson targets have turned into interceptions five times this year.

Some have started to question whether or not Watson, who the team traded two second-round picks for in April of 2022, is simply having a sophomore slump or if he’s even going to be a receiver the team can still build around. It appears his family is hearing that noise, too.

On Twitter, Tazim Wajed, Watson’s father, spoke his mind to Packers fans.

What amazes me about this Green Bay Packers fan base, and some of you reporters quite frankly, is the fact that this team, which is literally the youngest in the NFL, was not expected to even compete this season, yet have found a way to be in every game. You all are about as bad as it gets, and I played in Philly with their schizophrenic fans.

Quite frankly, you all were awful to Aaron Rodgers when he took over for Favre, and pretty much any time he wasn’t perfect on the field! You wanted Davante Adams to be cut by his 2nd season… AND you somehow think you “deserve” better than what this team is?!? You all don’t deserve a damn thing but to support the players who’re out there playing their asses off, if you choose to be fans!



As a reminder, Wajed was born James Timothy Watson Jr. — the same Tim Watson the Packers drafted in 1993. Watson never played a game for Green Bay, but he did play 13 career NFL games with the Kansas City Chiefs, New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles during his playing days.

As far as no one expecting the team to “even compete” this year, that’s unfair. The win total for this Packers roster coming into the 2023 season was 7.5 wins across sportsbooks. Green Bay is 4.5 wins from that mark with just eight games left to go in the season, so it’s fair to say they’re underperforming relative to expectations.

Watson’s brother, Tre Watson, a former NFL, CFL and XFL linebacker, also seems to be engaging with Packers fans on Twitter: