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Tuesday Cheese Curds: What are the Packers learning in 2023?

The Packers are starting to get answers to some of their big questions.

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Pittsburgh Steelers Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports

Questions big and small still dog the 2023 Packers, but Sunday’s game shows that some answers may be emerging.

One of the biggest question marks on offense this season had to do with the Packers’ stable of young pass catchers. Who, if anyone, would emerge? Could Christian Watson build on his 2022 season? When would the four rookies taken early in the draft begin to show their promise? Week 10 seemed to answer some of those questions. If nothing else, it looks like some of this year’s rookie pass catchers are beginning to emerge.

The defense wasn’t without questions either. For most of Joe Barry’s tenure, the Packers have struggled against the run. Whether or not that would change was an open question this season, and despite some better efforts in that area lately, Sunday’s loss to the Steelers was a pretty strong suggestion that things are just never going to get better for Barry’s defense.

As evidence regarding their season-long questions continues to emerge, the more relevant issue becomes what the Packers will do with that information. Will they make changes? Alter their approach? Do something, anything different? Or will they continue on their present course, hoping that their past decisions and the “potential” of their players will save them?

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