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Packers’ David Bakhtiari wants us to remember a date

What does this date mean? How is anyone supposed to know? But David Bakhtiari wants us to remember it.

Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears Photo by Todd Rosenberg/Getty Images

Vague statements and Green Bay Packers left tackle David Bakhtiari are two phrases that basically go hand-in-hand at this point. The team has not exactly been direct about Bakhtiari’s status in the past, as questions were consistently shot down during Bakhtiari’s rehab process for his 2020 ACL tear and the issues that popped up during his initial recovery. But now, he’s making vague statements of his own.

On Tuesday, Bakhtiari tweeted, “November 8, 2023. Remember that date.” If you look in the replies to the tweet, you’ll see the results of a Rorschach Test that Packers fans are apparently being given.

Here is a curated list of reasons why Packers fans believe that Bakhtiari wants us to remember this date:

  • The date of his second surgery of the year, following his scope earlier this season.
  • The date that Bakhthiari was told that he wouldn’t play football again.
  • The date that he decided that he was going to retire. As a reminder, general manager Brian Gutekunst stated that Bakhtiari needs to “make some decisions” about his career during Gutekunst’s post-trade deadline presser.
  • Something relating to the Republican debates, which were held that day.

What’s the truth? How are we supposed to know? Bakhtiari hasn’t followed up on his statement. Until he’s ready to disclose the reasoning for it, we’re just supposed to remember this seemingly random day.

For whatever it’s worth, the team and Bakhtiari have not been clear on when Bakhtiari had or is going to have the surgery to repair the cartilage issue that has been diagnosed as the root cause for the knee swelling that has kept him off of the field recently. According to reporting from NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, we do know the date of Bakhtiari’s scope, though, which was September 27th. You can go ahead and remember that date, too, while you’re at it.