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Intercepted: Breaking Down Packers vs. Chargers with Charles McDonald

There are a lot of bad NFL teams, particularly in the NFC. While the Packers are disappointing, there are much worse situations around the league.

Green Bay Packers v Los Angeles Chargers Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

In this week’s episode of Intercepted, Acme Packing Company’s Justis Mosqueda is joined by Yahoo! Sports’ Charles McDonald to both preview the upcoming Green Bay Packers vs. Los Angeles Chargers matchup and give an overview of the NFL as a whole through 10 weeks of regular season action. As Mosqueda and McDonald describe, there are many bad teams in the league right now and plenty of squads who are in a worse spot than the Packers long-term.

In this particular matchup, the run games on both sides should be important. Both top backs in this game are better outside runners than inside runners, but neither team is good at stopping the inside run — a byproduct of the structure of their similar defenses. Whoever wins that battle could very well end up coming out of this game as the victor.

Both passing games should be bottled up by two high safety defenses, which should push the game to be run-centric. With that being said, injuries in the Packers’ secondary — and at the linebacker level — could become a big factor if the Chargers’ massive quarterback, Justin Herbert, is able to run in the open field.


  • 0:00: This NFL season is weird
  • 7:00: You ride it out with Jordan Love in this QB landscape
  • 25:40: What are the Chargers this year?

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