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For Cheddar or Wurst: Packers hope to avoid being struck by the Chargers’ lightning

Justin Herbert versus Joe Barry. Brace yourself for a shootout, Jordan Love.

NFL: Detroit Lions at Los Angeles Chargers Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: the Green Bay Packers lost a game after Jordan Love threw an interception in a comeback attempt.

The result has become a common theme for the 2023 Packers and serves as a regular reminder just how young and how raw this team is. The latest loss, a 23-19 heartbreaker in Pittsburgh against the Steelers, is at least more in line with how we thought this team might lose. Stumbles, but promise from the offense while the defense was inconsistent.

Today’s game against the Los Angeles Chargers presents a good opportunity for the Packers to continue growing on offense while the defense might be in for a rough game.

It all comes to offensive consistency and whether or not the Green Bay defense can confound Justin Herbert.

In the latest episode of “For Cheddar or Wurst,” Lindsay and Kris take one last look at the Pittsburgh loss before turning their attention to the Chargers. How dumb will Joe Barry look against Justin Herbert (and Kris has a rant on Barry)? Has the offense shown enough improvement to win a shootout?

Find out in our latest episode below or wherever you get your podcasts.