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UnPack Pod: Brian Gutekunst served up a tasty word salad at the podium

The trade deadline was an eventfully uneventful day this year for the Green Bay Packers.

Gather ‘round the campfire and let’s about our not-very-good football team! This week, Tex Western sits in for Alex Petakas on the UnPack pod as we discuss a Packers team that has, somewhat impressively, continued to get worse every week this season.

First, we dive into the possibility of what might be a new worst-case scenario for this Green Bay Packers regime: Is the offense so bad that it will do tangible harm to Jordan Love’s development and future as an NFL quarterback? While we’re not saying that’s what is definitely happening, there is certainly precedent for that, and concern feels warranted.

Next up is Blame Watch 2023. As we survey the rubble of the first seven games, a new possible scapegoat has emerged. Could Adam Stenavich’s move from offensive line coach to offensive coordinator be part of the problem? It’s fair to wonder given that since then the offensive line has gotten much worse, as has the coordination of the offense in general (particularly in the first halves of games, when you’d think this young Packers offense may be most prepared to run a scripted menu of plays).

Then we give our takes on the decision to move cornerback Rasul Douglas at the trade deadline to the Buffalo Bills in exchange for a third-round pick. It is both a bummer and a sensical decision, particularly given the draft compensation. However, you don’t have to scroll the internet for long to find any number of fans and pundits inventing math equations to tell you why the third-round pick is not a third-round pick. Give me a break.

Finally, we dive into the tasty word salad that Brian Gutekunst served up at his annual post-trade deadline media availability. He certainly said words into a microphone. He was asked questions and he replied with responses that sit somewhere in the murky middle between useful information and English words spoken in a sequence. He used his voicebox to vibrate the air in a way that we fellow humans detect as sound. See, we can do it, too! Anyway, what did you really expect him to say?

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