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Breaking down the game-winning drive vs. the Chargers, part 2

A quick film review looks inside the game-winning touchdown play against the Chargers.

Los Angeles Chargers v Green Bay Packers Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

In the first part of this week’s articles, we looked at the first six plays of the Green Bay Packers’ final scoring drive. The final play deserves its own breakdown because there is a lot going on with it, from the coverage to how head coach Matt LaFleur put them in conflict to create a mismatch.

Briefly, the drive began with a strip sack on 2nd down that put the offense into a 3rd-and-20 situation. The offense was able to move the chains on 3rd and long thanks to a defensive pass interference penalty worth 24 yards. Two plays later, Receiver Jayden Reed took a catch on a stick route for 35 yards to set them up just outside the red zone. Two plays after that, the offense scored on the seventh play of the drive.

7th play, 4th quarter, 2nd-and-8 @ LAC 24, 2:38 remaining

The Packers caught the Los Angeles Chargers in a misalignment and blown coverage assignment for the go-ahead touchdown to win the game.

They’re running their “989” concept (double-go/middle read) from a 3x2 empty formation. Dillon splits out wide to the left on the two receiver side. This is key.

The Chargers are playing “Area”, a zone match coverage to the trips formation that allows the nickel defender and MIKE linebacker to match the first in or first out and a quarters safety to play the first vertical. The corner plays all of #1 in trips. Backside, where the coverage bust occurs, they’re playing “Pounder” rules, man to man with a quarters technique safety.

Michael Davis (No. 43) looks like he’s trying to swap with Kenneth Murray (No. 9) so they can play their coverage rules properly but Murray ends up confused and racing out to cover Dillon out wide and ends up clipping Davis as the receivers are releasing and running downfield.

Doubs throws his hands up and Love puts it out there for him to snatch out of the sky.


It looks like Love and the receiving corps are building the chemistry within the offense that the team needs. Love has put together a very solid three weeks with the recent games against the Rams, Steelers, and Chargers. The receivers are also starting round into form and if they can, the Packers will be in good shape to challenge for a playoff spot again.