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Jets and Bills struggles are wins for the Packers’ 2024 draft

One man’s loss is another man’s gain. In this case, Green Bay has gained plenty of draft capital over the last month.

New York Jets v Buffalo Bills Photo by Bryan Bennett/Getty Images

Things are finally starting to break in the Green Bay Packers’ favor. Not only have the Packers won three of their last four games, showing signs of life on offense that should give fans some confidence that this core unit is worth developing for years to come, but the teams that Green Bay owns 2024 draft picks from have also been struggling.

Since making a trade for cornerback Rasul Douglas, the Buffalo Bills have lost three of their last four games — including an overtime loss on Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles. The Packers own the Bills’ third-round pick, which they received for Douglas and Green Bay’s fifth-round pick.

The New York Jets have lost four games in a row and have averaged just nine points per game over that stretch, despite making a quarterback change. The Packers own the Jets’ second-round pick via the trade for quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

If you want an updated look at how the Packers’ Day 1 and Day 2 2024 selections would look like if the season ended today, here it is:

  • 1st round: 13th overall pick
  • 2nd round (NYJ): 40th
  • 2nd round: 45th
  • 3rd round: 77th
  • 3rd round (BUF): 80th

That’s right, general manager Brian Gutekunst is currently armed with three picks in the top 45 selections and five in the top 80 next season. On the third day of the draft, the Packers are expected to have two fourth-round picks (one via a compensatory pick for Allen Lazard), three sixth-round picks (two via compensatory picks for Jarran Reed and Dean Lowry) and a seventh-round pick. While Lazard was a healthy scratch for the Jets on Black Friday, his $44 million deal will still net Green Bay an early Day 3 selection with the league’s compensatory pick system.

The Packers aren’t exactly the Chicago Bears or Arizona Cardinals, two teams who own multiple first-round picks in the upcoming draft, but they have nearly as much draft capital as any other team in the NFL. According to Tankathon, despite Green Bay’s recent winning streak, they rank fourth in overall draft capital in the league, behind just the Cardinals, Bears and Washington Commanders — who also own two second-round picks in 2024.

One man’s gain is another man’s loss, and the Packers have been gaining plenty over the past month — both on the field and in draft capital.