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Wednesday Cheese Curds: Can the Packers keep building on their success?

The Packers had a strong November. What can they do with it?

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Green Bay Packers Mark Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

It’s often been said of these young Packers that progress isn’t linear. I think that’s true, but it might also be true that progress is exponential.

Everything we’ve seen this year shows the compounding nature of success. When Jordan Love and his cadre of young pass catchers couldn’t get on the same page earlier this year, everything looked bad and difficult. The offense had to slog its way to a first down in the best of circumstances, and those circumstances were rare.

But as Love has gotten his feet under him, he’s played with more confidence and has helped his young receivers along. By the same token, it’s been a lot easier for Love to look good and play well when his young receivers have stepped their respective games up. And any kind of offensive performance improvement helps the defense; it’s much easier to dictate terms to your opponent when they’re forced to play catch up.

Of course, progress is only as good as what you do with it, and if the Packers can’t keep building on what they’ve done over the last month, this will go down as a historical blip on the radar. But at the very least they’ve shown they can do good things, and if they start turning those good days into great ones, then maybe a playoff run won’t be all that far fetched.

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