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Cheese Curds, 11/3: Packers need Christian Watson to recapture his November form

This was a big month for Watson in 2022, and the Packers desperately need that version of their receiver to show up again this season.

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Dallas Cowboys v Green Bay Packers Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

Mid-November was when it all came together for Christian Watson last season. The wide receiver had missed three full games in the first two months of his 2022 rookie season and he caught just eight passes before the calendar clicked over to November. The first game of that month was a debacle in Detroit, but seven days later, on November 13, he exploded.

Watson would go on to score eight touchdowns over the next four games, finally delivering on the immense promise that his athleticism brought and looking the part as a potential #1 receiver.

After that stretch, Watson continued to be a key part of the Packers’ game plan for the rest of the season, though he did not find the end zone again in 2022. But 2023 has started much the same as his 2022 did; missing games with injuries and generally not looking anything like the receiver Packers fans saw for that thrilling month.

Now, the calendar has moved back over to November. Can Watson recapture the magic that he displayed during that month last season? The Packers sorely need him — or anyone, at this point — to do so, if they’re going to give Jordan Love a full evaluation over the rest of this season, so here’s hoping that Watson delivers.

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Watson said "It’s almost a prayer when I try to make a play." Packers fans agree -- they're hoping and praying that Watson figures out how to recapture the dominant month he put up last November. A good start, however, would be for him to start really fighting for the football when a cornerback is nearby.

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If Watson can break out once again, that would surely do big things for the Packers' offense, which still has not posted 300 passing yards in a game since week 17 of 2021.

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The team's inability to really get a read on whether Love can be the long-term answer is due partially to poor play around him, but also apparently poor playcalling and preparation by the offensive coaching staff.

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It hurts to see two former Packers on this list (Jarran Reed at #2 and Montravius Adams at #7) but at least T.J. Slaton is here, thanks to his great work in the run game, particularly against the Vikings last Sunday.

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