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UnPack Podcast: Packers’ trust in the process seems to be paying off

After a rough start, the Green Bay Packers appear to be improving every week.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday. The Green Bay Packers certainly made it easier for fans to enjoy the day after a surprising smackdown of the hosting Detroit Lions. Rumor has it that the Lions were so upset by the loss that they stole the turkey leg that was supposed to be awarded to Packers quarterback Jordan Love. Kidding, of course. We all know Gren Olsen is to blame. With your bare hands, Greg? Come on.

Today the UnPack Podcast crew is back (with pants possibly unbuttoned) to have one last serving of Thanksgiving leftovers before looking ahead. On today’s show, we discuss:

Trust the process

Is trusting the process finally paying off for the Packers? After weeks of frustrating gaffs on offense, it appears the team may have turned a corner. Even a short-staffed Thanksgiving day roster was able to put together forward movement, big plays, and most importantly, points. Granted, the Lions have had a stretch of bottom-tier defensive play in the last few weeks, but the Packers' progress seems to predate this game, dating as far back as the Steelers game (which the Packers lost).

In the hunt

After a Packers win and losses by the Seahawks and Vikings, Green Bay is officially in the playoff hunt. The team will face a very tough task this week with a primetime tilt against the Kansas City Chiefs, but the rest of the schedule appears pretty cushy. Is it possible that the Packers could make post-season noise in Jordan Love’s first season as starting quarterback?

Joe Barry turns it around

Many fans have a knee-jerk reaction to hearing Joe Barry’s name. They want him gone. They’re mystified by his situational decisions. They’d prefer Jim Leonard. But if what you’re looking for is results, it’s hard to argue with the recent stretch Joe Barry has put together, especially this past week, having to field a unit loaded with backups and special teamers. Is it a fluke? Is it a mirage? Maybe! But you still have to give credit where credit is due.

Enjoy the show!

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