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The Los Angeles Rams make a QB move after loss to Packers

It seems as though the Rams have seen enough of backup quarterback Brett Rypien.

Cleveland Browns v Washington Commanders Photo by Todd Olszewski/Getty Images

Following their 20-3 loss to the Green Bay Packers, the Los Angeles Rams have made a quarterback change heading into their bye week. According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the Rams have signed Carson Wentz — a former Pro Bowler — to their active roster.

Apparently, the Rams saw enough out of backup quarterback Brett Rypien last week to pull the trigger on the signing. Rypien posted just a 46.4 completion percentage and a 45.2 passer rating in the Packers’ first win since Week 3 on Sunday. For his NFL career, Rypien has a 59.9 passer rating to go along with four touchdowns and nine interceptions.

From a Packers’ perspective, the best way to take this move is as a sign that you should throw out the defensive performance from Sunday. Sure, it’s nice that Green Bay’s offense did well in the second half against the Rams. No one is taking away anything from that. To extrapolate anything done on the defensive side, when the opposing quarterback was Rypien, is probably ill-advised, though.

Rypien was forced into action after preferred starting quarterback Matthew Stafford was ruled out of action for a thumb injury. That stint might have only lasted one single game. For the Packers, this is a case of being in the right place at the right time.

At the moment, the Rams are sixth in the 2024 draft order — just one spot ahead of the Packers. Depending on whether or not Stafford will be able to suit up for games in the near future, the signing of Wentz might actually end up helping out the Packers in the draft order should Wentz be able to earn the Rams a win or two.