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UnPack Pod: ESPN Milwaukee crashes to break down “boring” Packers

What’s worse than being a bad team? Being a boring team.

With host Zach Rapport away this week, Alex Petakas assumes the captain’s chair and, together with cohost Nick Bornheimer invites a few friends on from their heyday working with ESPN Radio in Milwaukee. First is Gabe Neitzel, cohost of Jen, Gabe, and Chewy, and about 14 other programs. Second, is Josh Dimaggio, a talented producer, long-time listener, and first-time caller.

Ahead on the show today:

  • The biggest bummer about this season is not that the Green Bay Packers are bad, it’s that they’re boring.
  • Now that we're halfway through the season, can you pinpoint a player on the offense who you think has improved since week one?
  • We try to make sense of what we’ve seen so far from Jordan Love.
  • Is Christian Watson soft? Nobody on our show would dare use the “s” word, but hey, half the panel today isn’t technically part of our show so....
  • With Gutey’s acumen now being called into question by some, if you could magically change one decision he’s made in his tenure, what would it be?
  • In a bit of role-playing and with a touch of sarcasm, we read Mark Murphy’s response to a fan’s question about determining if Jordan Love is the quarterback of the future.
  • Sure the Packers have struggled on offense, but how many truly great offenses are there in the NFL right now?

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