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Week 14 Packers Winners and Losers vs. the Giants

On paper, the Packers should’ve won handily, so what happened next should’ve been expected.

Green Bay Packers v New York Giants Photo by Dustin Satloff/Getty Images

On Thanksgiving Day, the Green Bay Packers embarrassed the division leaders in their home stadium on national television. Last week, also on national television, they put the world on notice, never letting the defending Super Bowl champions take the lead. So, naturally, on national television, they let a 4-8 team make them look extremely silly. With tonight’s 24-22 loss to the New York Giants, the Packers fall to 6-7, but are still in the thick of the playoff hunt. I wish I could say this was the most disgusting display of Packers football I’ve seen all season, but it sadly wasn’t. It was really bad though, so let’s talk about it!

Winner: Jayden Reed

The Packers’ rookie WR is really developing into a versatile weapon for his team. During the Packers’ third drive of the game, Reed ended up putting the team on the board first with a 16-yard run for a TD. Last year, newcomers Romeo Doubs and Christian Watson showed us flashes of what this offense could look like. This year, Jayden Reed has added a whole other dimension to this side of the ball. Randall Cobb walked, so that Amari Rodgers could walk slower, so that Jayden Reed could walk again, at like, a normal speed. My one complaint regarding Reed tonight is that I wish LaFleur would stop attempting the same sweep over and over, because it’s starting to become predictable, and it’s the reason the game didn’t go to OT tonight (did we really want more of this game, though?)

Loser: Jordan Love

It was always going to be a season of highs and lows from Jordan Love, but after a month of some really encouraging highs, the lows tonight were jarring. From the very first drive of the game, Love looked...rusty? Uncomfortable? He looked off, compared to what we’ve seen the last few weeks. It seemed like the whole game, he was just not able to hit wide open receivers. He also turned it over twice, losing a fumble and throwing a pick on a pass he never should’ve attempted. The New York Giants are not a good football team, at all. Love had the opportunity to feast tonight, and didn’t. He did have some moments in the second half where it seemed like the offense might finally be clicking again, but overall, it felt like Love took a step back tonight.

Winner: Dontayvion Wicks

Joe Buck said it best tonight: “I’m not calling him Davante, but...”. There is so much to love about the way Dontayvion Wicks plays football. He put every ounce of effort into a stretch to take what looked like a lost play, and turn it into a first down tonight. He also had an insanely athletic catch for a 19-yard gain on a beautiful pass from Jordan Love. We’re still waiting for Wicks’ breakout game, but it’s coming, because I’m speaking it into existence! His ability to create separation, combined with his level of physicality, has made him a unique threat downfield, and Jordan Love must take advantage of this soon. I can’t wait until this duo is firing on all cylinders, because it’s a connection that has the potential to be special.

Loser: Keisean Nixon

I love our speedy little psycho kick returner, but I wish he would stop trying to make a huge play every time he fields a kick or punt. To start the second half, Nixon muffed a punt after a Giants three-and-out, and instead of just falling on the ball, he decided to try and run with it. He coughed it up again, and the Giants ended up with possession after what was the Packers’ third turnover of the night. The Giants promptly scored, taking the lead. It didn’t have to end this way, and it’s frustrating to know that the outcome of the game could’ve been different because of it.

Loser: Joe Barry

The New York Giants. Really, Joe? Tommy DeVito isn’t a real human being, let alone a real NFL quarterback. 1:33 left on the clock should not be too much time for a team like the Giants, but as always, Joe Barry found a way. Jordan Love didn’t have a great game, but he got the Packers points when they absolutely needed them. The game once again fell into the hands of Joe Barry and the defense. The defense has had a “bend, don’t break” mentality for much of this season, and tonight, they broke. Tommy DeVito is a name that will haunt me the rest of this season.

The Packers have a slightly short week ahead of them, as they prepare to face off against the 6-7 NFC South-leading Tampa Bay Buccaneers during Sunday’s early slate of games. Can they right the ship and get back to .500, or is Fire Barry still on?