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UnPack Podcast: The Packers are who we thought they were

There’s only so much you can do with a $40 million offense and a bad defensive coordinator.

In the case of the Green Bay Packers, it appears that they are who we thought they were (like 6 weeks ago). That is to say, a very young, cash-strapped team with a boatload of potential and one of the league’s most predictable defensive coordinators. Bully!

On this week’s podcast, we pick up the pieces after an annoying 24-22 road loss to the New York Giants — and there are a lot of pieces to pick up. It’s like a 1,000-piece puzzle called Crapping Your Pants at MetLife Stadium. Here’s a bit of what we covered on the pod:

Report from the field:

In a fit of hubris, Alex and Nick decided to forego the comfort of their respective Brooklyn apartments and traipse to East Rutherford, New Jersey to jinx the Packers in person. Overall the report from the ground was that the tailgating was generally awesome (what up, Spotted Cow), the people were generally friendly, the wind was generally windy, and the sight lines left something to be desired. Though you could make the argument that had the sight lines been better, Alex and Nick may have needed to visit a chemical eye-washing station after the game. Oh well, something to think about in one of the two trains or the cab home. I’m sure Tuesday was a productive day at work!

Why is Joe Barry:

If Matt LaFleur truly has handcuffed himself to defensive coordinator Joe Barry, then I sure hope he can hold his breath for a while, because the Packers' DC sank like stone on Monday Night Football. You could be forgiven for not expecting Tommy Cutlets to turn into Cam Newton on you. You cannot be forgiven for failing to change anything about your strategy once you realized what was happening. And nickel defense on the last drive with a minute and a half left on the clock, ample timeouts, and only about 50 yards needed to get into field goal range? Classic, Joe. Just classic. But hey, at least you didn’t give up the deep play there. Good lookin’ out.

Tight ends galore:

Enough wallowing. Let’s find a silver lining. GM Brian Gutekunst selected two tight ends in the 2023 NFL draft, with the hopes that one of them would develop into a legitimate pass catcher. Lo and behold, it kind of looks like Gute found two! With Luke Musgrave nursing a lacerated organ (sounds bad idk), Tucker Kraft has really stepped up and proven that he too can be a weapon. Perhaps the most exciting aspect of Kraft’s emergence is his willingness to take and deliver hits, and his ability to accumulate yards after the catch. A Packers tight end who can get YAC? What year is it?

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