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Packers HC Matt LaFleur on a potential Joe Barry firing: ‘Now’s not the time’

Green Bay’s defense has completely collapsed in the last two weeks, leading to them slipping down the NFC standings.

NFL: Green Bay Packers-OTA Mark Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The Green Bay Packers’ defense has had a rough go of it over the last two weeks. On Monday Night Football, the Packers lost in New York to the Giants’ Tommy DeVito, a former practice squad quarterback who was eventually named NFC Player of the Week for his performance. For perspective, DeVito’s Giants scored six points the following week and 10 points the week prior.

In Week 15, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Baker Mayfield had a perfect passer rating, the first ever for a visiting quarterback at Lambeau Field, on the way to a 34-20 Buccaneers win. According to Pro Football Focus’ charting, the Packers’ coverage grades were the worst among any team in any game over the last five years, which includes all those wonky Covid season lineups.

Still, head coach Matt LaFleur isn’t convinced that defensive coordinator Joe Barry is part of the problem. Here are a couple of questions and answers from his post-game presser on Sunday:

Reporter: Matt, would you ever consider an in-season change at coordinator?

LaFleur: Yeah, now’s not the time for that to be honest with you.

Reporter: Why is that?

LaFleur: ‘Cause now is not the time. I’m trying to find solutions and I gotta go back and take a look at the film.

Reporter: Matt, I totally understand what you’re trying to do with your answers. We keep asking defensive questions. When you say that you have to “look at the film,” are you saying that you have to look at it to decide how you fix things or you have to look at it to evaluate whether or not you want to keep your staff the way it is?

LaFleur: Right now, we’re looking for solutions. So, I want to go back to it and as soon as we leave here I’m going to go right into my office and get to work on that.

Based on how LaFleur is speaking on the situation, we shouldn’t expect a change at defensive coordinator before the Packers take on the Carolina Panthers next weekend. Maybe a loss to the Panthers, who are coming off of a win against the Atlanta Falcons, would change LaFleur’s opinion, though.