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The Repack: The one where we fire Joe Barry

When you let Baker Mayfield get a perfect passer rating, you lose your job. Those are the rules.

Green Bay Packers v Detroit Lions Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

The Green Bay Packers have lost back-to-back games off of terrible defensive performances where they have been unable to stop the might Tommy DeVito and Baker Mayfield. That will be at the top of the obituary for defensive coordinator Joe Barry, whether he’s fired before this week’s game against the Carolina Panthers or after the season. It’s over.

In this episode of The Repack, Acme Packing Company’s Evan “Tex” Western and Justis Mosqueda discuss where the Packers’ future defensive coordinator opening would rank among possible NFL jobs. While Green Bay fans probably think it’s a dream job, our duo touches on why agents and coaches might believe otherwise.

Remember, the Packers will probably be trying to hire for a defensive coordinator opening coming off of back-to-back sub-.500 seasons. That’s not great job security. Meanwhile, a defensive coordinator joining a team with a new head coach probably has three years of runway before a coaching staff could get cleared out. That’s before ever considering if a coach actually wants to live in Green Bay, versus major cities.

For example, the Los Angeles Chargers and Las Vegas Raiders have already made changes at head coach and are expected to hire new defensive coordinator. Put yourself in the shoes of a coach’s agent. Is it easier to pitch signing a deal in Green Bay, potentially with the hot seat for the coaching staff starting in Year 1 of your deal, or better weather and a longer runway on the West Coast? This is something to consider.

While everyone can agree that Barry’s days are numbered, don’t be surprised if the Packers don’t “win the press conference” with their next defensive coordinator hire. They might make a perfect hire for their future but don’t expect it to be a big name in NFL circles. If it is a flashy name, expect that to come from someone leaving the college ranks — due to the changes at that level of the game.


  • 1:00: We let Baker Mayfield have a perfect passer rating!
  • 10:00: The Packers job isn’t going to be highly sought after
  • 28:45: Offensive vibe checks
  • 37:40: Defensive vibe checks
  • 45:40: Special teams vibe checks

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