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Tuesday Cheese Curds: Joe Barry has everyone talking

The Packers’ defensive coordinator is the center of attention right now.

NFL: Pro Bowl-NFC Practice Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I always enjoy it when the entirety of Packers media fixates on exactly one story. And really, at this point of the season, there’s only one story anybody wants to talk about.

That fledgling offense? Pretty good in the back half of the season with the exception of their stumble against the Giants. Jordan Love? Solid enough that he’s not really a storyline at the moment. Even other simmering stories (Jaire Alexander’s injury, for instance) have faded under the intensity of the Joe Barry media singularity.

This is a situation entirely of the Packers’ own making. Barry was a questionable choice from the moment he was hired, one that head coach Matt LaFleur has had to defend since day one. Though he’s standing by his man for now, LaFleur has seemed increasingly frustrated, though still unwilling to do anything about the situation other than “look at the film” and “try to find solutions.”

But the film seems clear and the solution seems obvious: the Packers need to make a change at defensive coordinator. Everyone, everywhere seems to be talking about that exact point. The only question is when (hopefully not if) the Packers will finally agree.

Packers coach Matt LaFleur says he’ll stick with Joe Barry | ESPN

ESPN’s look at the situation is hardly the only one; LaFleur’s decision was covered far and wide, including pieces by Packer Central, Packers Wire, the Packers themselves, and even Acme Packing Company.

Miscommunication at root of Packers defensive issues, starts with coaching | Packers Wire

Despite his decision to retain Joe Barry, Matt LaFleur says most of the Packers’ issues on defense start with coaching.

Even ‘The Onion’ Mocks Joe Barry’s Pass Coverage vs. Baker Mayfield | Packer Central

Once the Onion weighs in, is there any coming back?

How badly did the Buccaneers loss hurt Green Bay’s playoff chances? Here’s the playoff picture now | Packers Wire

The Packers aren’t out of this yet, but they’ll have to get things together in a hurry and their margin for error is zero.

‘Beowulf’ returned to Pennsylvania library after 54 years | UPI

Hwæt! Return your books!