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Hall of Fame to Posthumously Honor Packers During Packers vs. Chiefs Game

Families of Vince Lombardi, Bobby Dillon, and Henry Jordan will be presented with Pro Football Hall Of Fame Rings of Excellence in a ceremony on Sunday, Dec 3.

Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Pro Football Hall Of Fame announced this week that three Green Bay Packers legends will be honored with Pro Football Hall Of Fame Rings of Excellence on Sunday, December 3. The families of Vince Lombardi (Class of 1971), Henry Jordan (Class of 1995), and Bobby Dillon (Class of 2020) will receive the rings during a special presentation during the Packers Sunday night match-up against the Kansas City Chiefs.

In previous years, Ring of Excellence recipients were not awarded to Enshrinees that were elected posthumously, however, in November 2022 the Hall revised its policy to allow for the ring to be presented to those Enshrinees who are survived by a spouse, an adult child, or a parent.

During their Hall of Fame induction, Enshrinees also receive the Hall Of Game Gold Jacket and the Bronze Bust to solidify their status as a member of the Pro Football Hall Of Fame. Each of the rings will be customized for their respective careers and will feature “a likeness of their Bronze Bust, along with their position and years in the NFL.”

The rings will be presented in partnership with Kay Jewelers which is the Official Provider of the Pro Football Hall of Fame Ring of Excellence.