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For Cheddar or Wurst: Dingle Barry, Dingle Barry, Dingle all the way

You know it’s bad when The Onion is making fun of your team’s defense

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No matter where you turn for Green Bay Packers coverage, one thing has dominated discussion and it has nothing to do with the team’s next opponent.

That topic? The job status of defensive coordinator Joe Barry.

Or, apropos of the season, Joe “Dingle” Barry.

After giving up the first perfect passer rating by an opposing quarterback in the long and proud history of Lambeau Field, one would think Matt LaFleur would have made a change but he did not and apparently will not until the season concludes.

Oh yeah, the Packers also play the Panthers on Sunday at noon. There’s no way Barry gets beat by the worst team in the NFL, right? RIGHT?!

In the latest episode of For Cheddar or Wurst, Lindsay and Kris take out their frustrations on Barry in a variety of ways. From profanity to a brilliantly savage Christmas carol, your hosts mount a blitz that might qualify them to be the team’s next DC.

And yes, they actually do talk about Sunday’s game as well.

From Jingle Bells to Dingle Berry, our latest episode has a little bit of everything and it’s a great therapy session before you sit down and watch the game with friends and family.

Happy Holidays Packers Fans! And enjoy the lump of coal in your stocking, Joe Barry!