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Packers Reacts Week 17: Do you consider this season a success?

Based on preseason expectations, the Green Bay Packers are pretty much tracking their projected pace. The offensive and defensive split is fairly stark, though.

Green Bay Packers v Carolina Panthers Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images

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We have three questions for you this week, all centered around the success and expectations of the 2023 Green Bay Packers.

#1: Do you consider the Packers’ 2023 season a success?

#2: Do you consider the Packers’ 2023 offense a success?

#3: Do you consider the Packers’ 2023 defense a success?

Personally, I would call the Packers’ offense a success, but I’m not sure the season or the defense is a success. For reference, most preseason win totals had the Packers around seven wins coming into the year. Green Bay is exactly at seven wins at the moment with two games left to go. That’s one data point.

While I’m not sure that I expected much from this defense in 2023, considering that the team ran it back with defensive coordinator Joe Barry and had little to no investment in the safety position, I sure wouldn’t call the defense “successful.” For as good as the mid-season stretch was for the Packers’ defense, at least in terms of limiting points, the last three weeks have been horrendous.

On the bright side of things, though, the Packers look like they have their guy of the future in quarterback Jordan Love and were able to have a functional offense in the second half of the season with one of the youngest receiver units in NFL history. Both Tucker Kraft and Luke Musgrave look like hits at the tight end position. As long as the team can bulk up at tackle and running back in the draft next season, the offense should only continue to grow together in 2024.

What do you say?