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Packers’ Matt LaFleur addresses Jaire Alexander’s suspension

“I’ll just say this: It’s never for one thing, but like I said there’s a lot of lessons along the way from everybody involved.”

Green Bay Packers v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

Following the Green Bay Packers’ first practice of the week on Wednesday, Packers head coach Matt LaFleur had the opportunity to address the media for the first time since the team announced via a press release that cornerback Jaire Alexander had been suspended for the duration of one game for “conduct detrimental to the team.” Initially, the suspension was believed to be rooted in Alexander’s decision to make himself a captain for the coin toss against the Carolina Panthers last week — a game that was played in Alexander’s hometown of Charlotte.

LaFleur claimed that it was repeated issues that eventually led to the suspension of Alexander, though, he wouldn’t directly state what some of these incidents were — which just leaves the door open for more speculation.

On the decision to suspend Alexander

That’s something that [general manager Brian Gutekunst and LaFleur] made together. It’s unfortunate that we’re at that juncture. Felt like it was in the best interest long term for our team and for Jaire. It certainly was a tough decision, especially kinda where we’re at right now. One we don’t take lightly, but there’s standards that we’re all accountable for. When they’re not met, unfortunately, sometimes you have to take some drastic measures.

However, I will say, we’ll get him back and we’re looking forward to get him back.

On if Alexander’s suspension was solely because of the coin toss issue

I’ll just say this: It’s never for one thing, but like I said there’s a lot of lessons along the way from everybody involved. Hopefully, we learn from them. I think we will.

On if Alexander had previously been fined

I’m not going to get into any more of the specifics. I have addressed it and right now I would love to answer any questions you guys have on the Minnesota Vikings.

And then there was this awkward exchange...

One thing that LaFleur did make clear is that Alexander’s inactivity in recent weeks was not related to any non-injury issues that he’s had. Alexander’s return to the field last week was the first time that he had played since November 5th’s game against the Los Angeles Rams, but LaFleur said that Alexander’s injury issues have been “well documented” and that the corner has “pushed through” to see the field.