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Week 14 Pack-A-Day Collab: Takeaways from Packers vs. Chiefs

Where does Jordan Love rank among the NFL’s starting quarterbacks? Our duo tries to answer that question this week.

Kansas City Chiefs v Green Bay Packers Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

In this week’s episode of Pack-A-Day Podcast’s and Acme Packing Company’s collaboration, the topic of the day is quarterback Jordan Love. Hosts Andy Herman and Justis Mosqueda decide to play the quarterback game, going team-by-team through the NFL and stating whether or not they would take Love over other squads’ signal-callers. In the end, Love ended up around the upper end of the middle of the pack, which is pretty incredible considering where the Green Bay Packers’ passing offense was just a few weeks ago.

Beyond the Love talk, our duo also touched on the key takeaways from the Packers’ most recent win against the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday Night Football. Quarterback Patrick Mahomes was kept relatively in check, but that shouldn’t have been much of a surprise. Styles make fights and Green Bay’s defense always matched up pretty well against the Chiefs’ weaknesses, as long as they were able to generate some pressure and get home.

The final portion of the podcast focuses on the upcoming game against the New York Giants on Monday Night Football, which might not be much of a battle. Yes, the Giants are coming off of extended rest, but they are also a team that is playing well below their record right now. No one should be scared of Tommy Devito. If the Packers lose, it’ll be because they shot themselves in the foot.


  • 5:15: Packers-Chiefs was kind of predictable?
  • 9:30: Jordan Love is the guy
  • 14:20: Let’s play the quarterback game
  • 38:30: An early look at Packers-Giants

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