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Weekend Open Thread

Have at it.

Kansas City Chiefs v Green Bay Packers Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

Drop any on- or off-topic thoughts down in the comment section below this weekend.

Here’s what I’m thinking about:

What an exciting time to be a Packers fan. I don’t know how far this core of players will go, nor do I even care at this point. It’s just fun watching such a young team finally find their footing in real-time.

The jumps this offense has made from the beginning of the season are incredible, and that’s while being the cheapest offense in the sport — without ever even accounting for the fact that left tackle David Bakhtiari and running back Aaron Jones have missed most of the games this season.

At this point, it feels like we’re playing with house money for the rest of the season. Based on the remaining schedule, it would actually be disappointing if this team didn’t make the playoffs. Mind you, we’re only five weeks removed from the Packers having a 2-5 record before their game against the Los Angeles Rams.