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Talking Super Bowl and Rodgers-Love with Marshall Newhouse

The former Green Bay Packers offensive lineman spoke on all topics ranging from Steve Spagnuolo to Aaron Rodgers

Tennessee Titans v Green Bay Packers

Former Green Bay Packer and Super Bowl champion offensive lineman Marshall Newhouse stopped by Acme Packing Company this week to break down the big game and some timely Packers topics.

Both Newhouse and host Justis Mosqueda are leaning toward taking the Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl, due to the prowess of quarterback Patrick Mahomes. An underrated aspect of this matchup, though, is the fact that defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo is unpredictable on passing downs. Newhouse explains how his Packers teams used to have to practice differently to prepare for their matchups.

Aaron Rodgers’ former tackle is also here to talk Green Bay fans off a ledge if they took receiver Romeo Doubs’ comments on his relationship with his quarterback too seriously. As Newhouse puts it, football players are professionals and it’s unrealistic to assume that everyone on the team is going to be best friends. Stick around for Newhouse’s prediction of whether or not Rodgers will or won’t return to the team in 2023, too.

Finally, the conversation ends with a discussion about how much information a team can really gather on a quarterback via practice, in the context of Jordan Love, and what makes the Packers organization unique in his eyes.


  • 0:30: What the preparation for Super Bowl week is like
  • 2:45: Super Bowl picks
  • 4:15: Steve Spagnuolo and the problems he causes
  • 9:00: Newhouse’s relationship with Rodgers and predictions about his future
  • 16:30: How much can you evaluate a quarterback off of practice?
  • 18:45: The uniqueness of the Green Bay Packers organization

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