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Tuesday Cheese Curds: Intriguing running back options available for Packers

The Packers may need to add some talent at running back in the draft.

NFL: Detroit Lions at Green Bay Packers Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

With the Super Bowl over, it feels like we can finally look ahead to the offseason in earnest. Maybe it’s different for you, but while the playoffs drag on (a feeling, I’m sure, that’s only reserved for fans of teams that don’t make the postseason), it seems like we’re only pretending it’s the offseason. Sure, we’re looking forward to next year, but there were still meaningful football games being played.

But now everybody else is right there with us. It’s the offseason, baby. The 2022 season is done and we’re not trapped by it anymore. Hope springs eternal, and it’s going to bring us draft picks and free agent signings and everything else that goes along with the never-ending optimism of what could be.

So here’s to the offseason. Welcome, Chiefs and Eagles fans. Hope the Super Bowl was fun. Here’s to what’s next.

Loaded draft class at running back available for Packers | Packers Wire

Adding a running back would probably be worthwhile for the Packers, who may need to rework the position entirely for 2024 given the contract situations for Aaron Jones and AJ Dillon.

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As we welcome the Chiefs and Eagles to the offseason with the rest of us, here’s a little bit of the road ahead for everybody.

2023 NFL offseason: Sean Payton’s Broncos among five teams poised to make a major leap next season | CBS Sports

It’d be hard to get much lower than a couple of these teams.

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Brady hopes Rodgers comes back, but he, like the rest of us and even Rodgers himself, is in the dark about the future.

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I’m convinced that dogs do most of the heroic-seeming things they do because they’re bored.