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Cheese Curds, 2/17: Packers fans show support through adversity, creativity

There are special fans of every sports team, but let’s highlight a couple die-hard fans of the green and gold.

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Detroit Lions v Green Bay Packers Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

Sure, there are die-hard fans of all sports teams. Whether you’re born and raised a fan or you establish support later in life, fandom is a ubiquitous part of the sports experience.

Some fans travel thousands of miles to see their favorite team. Some throw massive parties for every game. Some get their kicks with creative exploits showing their team spirit. Some will go so far as showing their team spirit by...robbing banks? (To be clear, we highly recommend against showing your support in this manner.)

Today, let’s celebrate a few Green Bay Packers fans who fall into some of those earlier descriptions above. From elderly fans who have stuck with the team through thick and thin to someone across an ocean who enjoys replaying big plays via miniature statues, there’s no one right way to be a fan. (Though, there probably is at least one wrong way, as mentioned earlier.) So keep these fans in mind as you let your Packers fandom shine in whatever way you see fit this offseason, and start thinking about how you’ll let it fly when the 2023 season rolls around.

John Breske, a 'fan like no other,' named to Packers FAN Hall of Fame |
The 92-year-old's ties to the Packers run very deep, from seeing them play in San Francisco while on medical leave from the Marines in the 1950s to owning 53 season tickets to hosting massive tailgates for every home game.

The man behind the magic: LEGO highlight creator shares his Packers story |
Maybe in a few decades, Fabian Moritz will follow Breske into the Fan Hall of Fame. Moritz, who is from Germany, uses the LEGO replays as a way to work some fun creativity in with his talents in corporate video production.

2023 NFL predictions: Early picks for Super Bowl, MVP, breakouts | ESPN
The Packers aren't a selection for any of the big awards (most of those go to the Chiefs, Bengals, and their quarterbacks), but a few writers pick Green Bay as the most interesting team in the offseason. That's something?

Packers have a need for team speed in 2023 | Packers Wire
The Packers ranked second-lowest in overall team speed in 2023, according to one analysis of Next Gen Stats' numbers.

NFL Mock Draft 2023: Who our college football writers think each NFL team should select - The Athletic ($)
Would you be okay with an offensive tackle in round one? What if it were a legacy player, the grandson of a great Lombardi-era lineman?

Letter sent in 1916 finally arrives at destination | CNN
The postal service has been getting slower and slower over time, but this is ridiculous!