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Monday Cheese Curds: Let’s get weird this offseason

No theory is too wacky. No idea is too out there.

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports

I like crazy things that almost happen, and we’re about to enter the peak season for “almosts.”

For instance, remember when the Packers almost traded for Darren Waller? Or remember when it briefly seemed like it was a done deal that Khalil Mack was coming to Green Bay? Remember when Stephon Gilmore’s apparent first choice was coming to the Packers? The almosts can be frustrating, but I like the alternate universes they create. What do the 2018 (and beyond) Packers look like with Mack rushing passers? Is the Packers’ 2022 offense any better with Waller? And how do the 2021 Packers shake out with Gilmore instead of Rasul Douglas?

We’ll never know, obviously, but I can’t dismiss wacky ideas out of hand just because of how close they often are to happening. The article below calls it crazy that Aaron Rodgers would return to the Packers, but I don’t think it’s entirely insane, and no matter what happens, we’ll always wonder about what would have happened if things had gone the other way.

So embrace the crazy a little bit. Even if nothing happens, wondering what could have been will always make for good conversation.

10 crazy NFL offseason predictions: Aaron Rodgers returns to Packers; Jimmy Garoppolo replaces Tom Brady | CBS Sports

Number 7 here is my personal favorite just because of how it would upset the balance of power behind the scenes in the NFL.

Dougherty: Even mortgaged to the max, the Packers’ salary cap will be tight for free agency if they trade Aaron Rodgers | Packers News ($)

Not a huge surprise here, but the Packers won’t have a ton of wiggle room even if Rodgers is out of the picture.

5 free agents Packers should avoid in 2023 offseason | Dairyland Express

Caveat emptor in free agency.

Who did Packers get in latest three-round mock draft at Draft Wire? | Packers Wire

Another mock! Three rounds’ worth this time.

Bucky Brooks’ top five 2023 NFL Draft prospects by position 1.0: Stroud, Young, Hooker top QB rankings |

I’m still getting to know who’s who in this draft class, so this was a good primer.

XFL Week 1 Review: Comebacks, Blowouts, and Lemons, Oh My | Football Outsiders

Check out the XFL this weekend? Here’s a good recap if you didn’t.

Lonely tunes: Humpback whales wail less as population grows | UPI

Those sad-sounding whale songs aren’t popping up as often, and it seems to be because whales are…happier?