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Tuesday Cheese Curds: Here comes free agency

Free agency is here! We’re all excited for free agency.

NFL: Detroit Lions at Green Bay Packers Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

I think we can say free agency is officially underway. After Aaron Jones’ pay cut and restructure last week and a slew of contracts voiding on Monday, things are off and running for the Packers.

It says something, and I’m not sure exactly what, about the state of football media that contracts ending and being restructured is news at this level. It’s obviously important, but the degree to which we seem to have to follow the cap now also feels a little crazy. I can’t help but feel like I’ve been suckered sometimes. Who tricked me into becoming a part-time accountant? I thought I opted out of that class in high school. Is this just how it works?

I know all of football is out of my control. I am only ever a guy yelling at his TV, imploring people who don’t know anything about me to do a good job at this game that I care about for some reason. But the cap and roster machinations seem an extra level beyond that. At least when a guy makes a catch or rips off a great run, I can see it happen. Cap moves and roster decisions all take place on some secret spreadsheet, though. They are, again, clearly important. But it still feels so alien to be this invested in stuff that gets automatically summarized on every team’s website anyway.

Anyhow, here are some free agency links!

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It’s not hard to find positions of need on this version of the Packers’ roster, but finding people that fit those needs is a bit more of a challenge.

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Keisean Nixon gets a mention here.

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Let’s spin that quarterback carousel and see where it lands.

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Pretty loaded slate for this year’s Tailgate Tour!

Snake turns into a balloon after stealing huge egg | UPI

Haha, sucker, now you look ridiculous.