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Cheese Curds, 2/23: Rodgers emerges, but Packers fans remain in the dark

Anyone expecting an immediate announcement from Rodgers after he came out of his retreat was setting themselves up for disappointment.

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Detroit Lions v Green Bay Packers Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

Let there be light.

Aaron Rodgers has emerged from his darkness retreat, coming out of his underground bunker on Wednesday like a groundhog emerging from its burrow in early February. Unlike the furry rodent’s reaction, however, Rodgers’ decision about his future is not one that will be obvious to all who are observing or following him.

Green Bay Packers fans remain in the dark at this point, but it should come as little surprise that Rodgers did not immediately announce his decision — if he has even made it yet. There’s no guarantee that the four-day retreat has delivered the epiphany he has been looking for, and so for now all options remain on the table until we hear otherwise.

The Packers’ front office and coaching staff would surely appreciate a decision in the next few days, however. The NFL Scouting Combine takes place next week, and that event is the premier offseason event for team officials, players’ agents, and other league power brokers to get together and talk about business. If Rodgers decides he wants to play for another team, the Packers would surely love to know going into the Combine to arm GM Brian Gutekunst and other executives with information before heading into the various dark establishments around downtown Indianapolis to try to work out some possible deals.

Here’s a look at Rodgers’ emergence and one potential scenario that could play out depending on his decision.

Aaron Rodgers leaves Oregon facility, ends darkness retreat | ESPN
The wait continues for answers about Rodgers' decision, even as he has emerged from the bunker.

NFL 2023 Beat Writer Mock Draft: QBs go fast in flurry of trades; Aaron Rodgers dealt - The Athletic ($)
If Rodgers’ decision is to leave, here’s one possibility. The deal in this mock draft sends Rodgers to the Jets for the 13th overall pick, a 2nd-rounder in 2024 (that becomes a first if Rodgers plays in 2024), and Elijah Moore.

What went wrong for Packers offense in 2022? Allen Lazard explains | Packers Wire
Lazard mentioned the departures of Davante Adams and Nathaniel Hackett as major contributing factors, as well as the unit not being in sync due to absences in training camp and the offseason. Notably, however, Lazard held out during the offseason, waiting until after all spring practices were complete before signing his restricted free agent tender.

Packers set ticket prices for 2023 season |
Not surprisingly, tickets are going up slightly for next season, between $3 and $9 per ticket per game.

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I can put two random words together to make a headline too! Let's see...plutonium bagels. Asparagus earbuds. Whiskey jetpacks!