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Tuesday Cheese Curds: It’s business time at the NFL Combine

Expect some behind-the-scenes work to get done this week in Indianapolis.

NFL: Combine Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to hot stove season. Wait, that’s baseball. Welcome to, uh, slow cooker season? Instant Pot season? Air fryer season?

I don’t know, pick an appliance that fits the metaphor. The point is, there’s a lot of business about to get done at the NFL Combine, and Packers fans should keep that in the back of their mind as they wait to see what happens with Aaron Rodgers — and more.

With a bunch of NFL decision-makers getting together in one location, it’s only natural that some discussions regarding player movement would come up, and it certainly does. Free agency decisions aren’t getting made in the scant few hours of “legal tampering” that the NFL allows teams before free agency hits in earnest; teams are merely finalizing things that have already been in the works, and a lot of that work happens at the NFL Combine.

So if the Packers do, in fact, trade Aaron Rodgers, I’d bet you a dollar that some of the groundwork is laid this week. And if the Packers make any other moves on free agents? You can be pretty confident that those decisions have roots in Indianapolis as well.

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